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A small cosy shop offering delicious fresh products from local artisans as well as few kitchen essentials in Great Missenden.

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Laurie's Corner
59A High Street
Great Missenden
HP16 0AL

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Wednesday to Saturday
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We wrote you a letter to tell you our decision to close this chapter...

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Only two days to go...

Thank you all so very much for the support & let's make the most of the coming days xx


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Mega yummy jammy Donuts

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We love the mustards from Les Simples de Sophie!

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  • August 8th, 2016

    Dear You,

    Time has come once again to write to you to let you know the next step of this venture…

    As you know I went home to France for a few days to enjoy some family time & take a step back because I knew I had to make a decision, however hard it might be. This is probably a decision I should have taken in June when events unfolded but like any deep-hearted stories one never really wants for it to come to an end…

    So it is with my most sincere words and streaming tears that I write to you to let you know that our little shop at 59 High Street will be closing at the end of August. This space, however wonderful it is, was only ever temporary as you well know. It was a way for us to treat you to some more of our deliciousness after the Summer Deli whilst we were waiting for something more suitable for the dream to be able to unfold properly. And although this hasn’t quite happened, hopefully it isn’t the end of the dream… it is just time to finish this chapter.

    The shop has been incredible, hard at times but perfect overall. Such a little space can be hard to work in, both personally and professionally, it had its challenges but such beauty has come of it, in the people we met, the products we tasted, the connections we made… It confirmed the core of the dream. Now more than ever, it is so important to keep it simple & remember the basics. There is no better feeling than tasting a ripe tomato that you or your neighbour has grown, tasting a beautifully baked treat that someone has put their heart and soul in making… it all tastes so much better when it has a story, when one truly gets involved, shares their tricks and secrets, cares about the outcome, opens to the possibilities but I think you can reflect this on anything…

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